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International Psychic Medium Terri Stromeyer

Contact a loved one, find out about relationships, your career or look into the future. Having a Zoom sitting can leave you feeling positively empowered in order to make informed decisions and take informed action!

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Terri is a gifted psychic medium, inspirational speaker and demonstrator as regularly featured on TV, Radio and National Magazines. Terri is also a tutor at the internationally acclaimed Spiritualist Association of Great Britain (SAGB) in London.

Based in the UK, Terri provides personal psychic and mediumistic sittings throughout the world using the Zoom platform.

It’s a fantastic and reliable iCloud platform for video consultancy with consistently high-quality video, even in low–bandwidth areas. You can use Zoom through your computer, tablet or phone. There is no software that you need to purchase, it’s free.

Terri’s clients are worldwide and Zoom allows her to connect to you wherever you are in the world. It’s easy to use especially for those customers who are not technically ‘savvy’. As with Skype, it’s equally as good as a face to face in person sitting. Please do not feel self-conscious using such a great easy to use platform.

Zoom is great for people who live overseas or who lead busy lives and do not have the ability or time to travel to one of Terri’s clinics.

To book, please go to my Shop page, see button below, and you’ll see the Zoom icon. You’ll have the choice of a 45 minute or 60 minute for sittings or 90 minute for a teaching session. Choose your preference and just follow the prompts. Payment is taken securely via PayPal, I do not have access to your card details and you don’t have to have a PayPal account.

Once payment has been made please email: info@terristromeyer.com, see button below, or text: 07880 711668 for an appointment, and include your email address.

Please let Terri know what days and times are convenient and she’ll see when she can fit you in. Please bear in mind the time difference if you are outside the UK, please use the button below for time zone conversion. After payment has been received, a confirmation email will be sent confirming your booking with details to connect for our Zoom session.

In order to prepare for your sitting, it’s best to wait alone in a quiet and calm space ready to receive your call. It may complicate your message and your sitting if there are other people present in the room. Sit quietly and bring to your mind all your loved ones who have passed to spirit, and ask them to draw close to you for your sitting. Drinking alcohol and smoking is not advisable during your sitting.

NO CHILDREN should enter the room or be present during the reading for any reason at all. This is against spiritual law. It is not acceptable to have children distract you or witness any part of the reading, it would be better to schedule when they are not around or are in bed, should you feel this could happen.


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