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Living on a small island in the South Pacific is good for my soul. I am a private person and have a tendency to work through my own spiritual challenges. However, I felt a strong need to connect with someone I could trust to guide me through a major blockage I felt in my life that was causing me deep frustration. Terri was, and is, that person.

My first contact with Terri was three years ago, and I was lead to her through the SAGB. It was the right choice for me, and I had no hesitation in contacting her a second time as I knew her passionate and down–to–earth guidance would be the catalyst for the next phase of my life. Terri immediately tuned in and clarified my thoughts with the help of her guides and mine. Everything she shared and helped me with was more than I expected. It was also heart–warming to hear Terri talk about my parents who passed over some years ago; she talked of their characteristics, both physical and psychological, and how they were close to me still. When we said good–bye from different sides of the world, I felt stronger, at peace, and more confident.

If you are looking for a sincere, spiritually evolved person with a rich personality who is focused on you and your needs, then Terri is the person for you. Thank you so much, Terri, for your time and understanding.

Jeanette Han, Norfolk Islands

I was at rock bottom when I went to see Terry. I had been bullied out of my job and could not see the woods from the trees.

Terry’;s reading that she did for me blew me away. Her accuracy on the past was amazing. She told me things that no one else would have know and even things that I did not know. Her reassurance that she gave me about my life improving and how to do it was so comforting, and the news she gave me about my family.

Terry has a very special talent and is a very kind and gifted person. I will certainly be going back to her and I have recommended her to other people.

Thank you Terry


Terri is an exceptionally gifted medium, one of the finest I have ever had the privilege to meet. Her warmth, sincerity and extraordinary talent was evident from the first instance. She connected with my departed husband very quickly. I did not need to provide many details about him as Terri gave specific personal information that only I knew. It was an amazing experience which provided solace, comfort and a conversation that was both totally reassuring and highly accurate.

The reading was so uplifting as I could hear his distinctive personality coming to the fore with specific phrases and terminology he would have used. It was quite extraordinary and I have never experienced such definitively accurate information from a reading before.

I felt so much better after a very lively conversation with my husband via Terri during which both laughter and tears were expressed. I have recommended Terri to many friends, all of whom have received fantastic messages and also testify to her remarkable abilities.

Terri has a unique gift and I would recommend her without reservation or hesitation to anyone who would like to connect with loved ones in the spirit world or who may need extra guidance in their life matters.

I am so grateful to have found her, she is a very special person who deserves credit for both her work and her extraordinary, special abilities.

Lindsey Pearson, Horsham

Terri is one of the best mediums I have had the good fortune to deal with and I have dealt with a few. Her evidence is concise to the point of excellence and at private sittings with her there have always been three people present – Terri, myself and the communicating spirit person. I strongly recommend her; there is nobody better and you will not regret a sitting you have with her.

Alan Musgrave–Scott, Sqn Ldr RAF (retired), Bournemouth

On my first visit to Terri, I was struggling with terrible feelings of guilt, I also felt as if I had "lost myself" along the way too, after a couple of visits to Terri I found I had new direction, questions were answered and feelings of guilt that I had carried with me were cleared from my mind. All in all, my experiences with Terri have been life changing, and I can never thank her enough for that.

Tracy Davey, HampshireLife

When I first came to see Terri I was at a very low, very confused time of my life. I do truly believe that from that day everything changed for me, she helped me So much, I regained direction, understanding and new hope and she helped me find myself again. I have never met anyone else like her and I feel blessed that I had that opportunity and I recommend her to everyone I meet. She is a tremendously gifted person, intelligent, with a wonderful sense of humour and with out doubt she has a great connection with the spirit world that has left me truly amazed. She has a lovely warm heart and I hope I always stay in touch with her as I am forever thankful.

Victoria, Hampshire

When I first discovered that Terri was psychic I suppose you could say I was a real sceptic and very cynical and I really had no interest in the subject of “all things psychic”. However, by just listening to Terri talking and advising others (which couldn’t be helped in such a small office) natural curiosity got the better of me. The more I heard the greater my interest in the subject became.

Being very sceptical I often questioned what was being said and always looked for a reasonable explanation for something that I had no comprehension off. I wanted ultimate proof and over the years I have had that proof delivered in many ways.

Terri’s first insight into me was to describe my bedroom in great detail and to remind me of a piece of jewellery that my uncle had given me when I was a small child.

Another incident I can recall is on the return trip from my summer holiday last year the zip on my luggage broke and I had to sew it together, the whole event was very comical with my friend sitting on the bag and me with a needle and thread. When I got back Terri asked her guide to tell her something about my holiday that she wouldn’t know and she then told me all about the incident.

Over a long lunch I once asked Terri to give me some guidance for one of my girl friends and Terri was very knowledgeable of her situation and gave excellent clairvoyance. What is so extraordinary about this is that the third person was not with us and Terri never having met her did not know who she was tuning into to. Nevertheless the information once relayed to my friend proved to be 100 per cent accurate.

Having spent all this time with Terri I have come to understand more and have a great interest in all things spiritual. Quite often I find myself thinking and communicating with Terri’s Guide and although I cannot hear him myself Terri will often come into the office in the morning and relay the answers for me.

Terri is very psychic and her link to her spirit guide is excellent. She is able to tune in very quickly and give detailed accurate clairvoyance. Terri has a wonderful gift which she is more than willing to share with others and through her generosity she has given many people help and upliftment.

Many of her friends and acquaintances will not make important decisions without first consulting her. Another tribute to Terri’s immense ability is that she has many friends in the psychic field who often consult her for clairvoyance, upliftment and advice too.

She is very kind and has time for everyone no matter how busy. Terri believes that she has a duty to help others in need and I know that she feels privileged to have such an exceptional gift which she shares with everyone around her.

She is very dedicated to her spirituality, being a very big part of her life and I know she is keen to embrace it wholeheartedly by helping even more people via a mass media channel. Terri’s blend of confidence, humour, warmth and professionalism makes her ideal candidate for this type of work. I also believe that anyone who is lucky enough to have the experience of receiving a message from her will be enriched by the experience.

I hope that this short testimonial has given you an insight into Terri’s immense talent.

Leanne Hutton, London

I have had several readings with Terry over the past 20 years. It was usually when I had a decision to make in my life or an emotional problem. She has given me the courage to continue along a suitable path or brought thro’; from the spirit world dear friends or relatives who have died. It was if they were in the room with us. She came with me on holiday one time to an island she had never visited before, a monk came thro’; and told her the history of the place and continued with the information the whole time we were there. It was her pointing out interesting facts to me and not the other way round. I have introduced many people to Terry all of them have been amazed at her ability. She has an incredible gift which many people would benefit from knowing her.

Wendy Jewson, Oxford

It was a great pleasure to meet you, I wish to say thank you for the most wonderful message you brought through from Royston, I understand why he waited and chose you, he liked perfection and that is what it was, perfect perfection, you have a natural way of working and a good spiritual team of workers with you, and I look forward to seeing you work again in this area, you are an example for me to follow, so Royston says. God bless.

I have known Terri for a very long time. She is a gifted medium and has helped me a lot especially keeping me in touch with my Mother and other family members who have passed to spirit. She has also given me good and wise advice about my own spiritual journey and has a strong link with my guides. Terri has never let me down she is truly a remarkable and honest person who has devoted her life to helping others.

Pamela, Oxford

After many long years of wondering and longing, I decided to approach Terri Stromeyer after a recommendation from a close friend.

My dear mother died aged 41 when I was 14 and I never had the chance to say goodbye to her. I have missed her so much over the years and I hoped that Terri may in some way help me to make contact with her. I didn’t know what to expect, but a feeling of anticipation, fear and hope engulfed me as the date of my first meeting approached. Terri instantly made me feel at ease, no awkwardness or fear at all and I relaxed and let her speak.

My dear mother, beloved Grandfather and Uncle were all present on my first sitting.

I was amazed at the detail and content of what Terri was telling me, with no prompting or former details discussed whatsoever. She explained a lot of my past to me and my family all confirmed my feelings and experiences. Minute details began to emerge – my Grandfather was in the First World War and Terri explained all his badges and commendations to me (he was awarded the Legion D’Honeur) of which he was intensely proud. Terri also knew about other aspects of my family – my estranged father and brother and the implications of this on my present life.

We also discussed in detail a very stressful area of my life – a monster of a partner who shared my life for 11 years. He abused me mentally, physically, sexually and emotionally. He almost destroyed me. Terri described him so accurately to me, I shuddered and asked her if he was present in the room. She could describe his personality so exactly and accurately – even how he thinks!

At one point I was thinking the words that Terri said. The sadness, pain and emotional stress I have endured over the past 11 years cannot be imagined. I could not escape and was being slowly and surely strangled by this person. I was like a captured bird in a cage, looking out on a world I could not enjoy or imagine. The fear I experienced was immense – every word, action and everyday living was criticized and analysed. Terri made me realize that it was not my fault, even though in a strange way I endured it and protected him. I wanted no–one to know. Deciding to end this relationship was a huge upheaval and the Police became involved. Some days I felt I could not go on. My whole being was contaminated and I was made to feel worthless.

Terri has slowly but surely started to rebuild my confidence and self esteem, with help from my loving family in the spirit world. Together they are rebuilding my life, step by step. I don’t expect sympathy but need their support and understanding. It was such an intense relationship I couldn’t break away. I lost my identity and self belief. Terri is a master at recognizing your vulnerabilities and pinpointing your weaknesses. Not in a negative way but in a positive way for you to acknowledge and move forward. She has helped me immeasurably and I cannot recommend her talent highly enough.

I have seen many therapists over my life for a variety of reasons, but Terri is the best! She is honest, straightforward, open and approachable. You must go and see her – be receptive and open minded and I am sure, like me, you will find it the most enlightening experience of your past life, and a wonderful enrichment of your future life.

M, London

I have had many readings in the past and none have been so profound, accurate and helpful as the hour I have just spent with Terri. She was able to describe my parents, past relationships and current situation perfectly and with the help of my guides, gave me very detailed help for growing my business in the future and best of all, reassurance of the new relationship that is on its way. It was so lovely to have messages from my parents and also my soul mate, who went to the other side of life very suddenly 25 years ago. His loss, as she so rightly said, changed and shaped my life in so many ways. Terri not only covered everything on the list of things I wanted to know, but so much more. As a therapist in Energy Psychology myself, I feel like I’ve just had a really great healing session. I can’t recommend Terri highly enough.

Sharon King, Author of Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life


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