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How To Achieve The Best Results From A One To One Reading


Terri’s passion is to inspire, educate, empower and motivate you during her one to one sessions.

A psychic reading with Terri is very much like meeting a long lost friend whom you loved deeply, making your soul glad to make contact again. This friend seems to know everything about you, accepts you for yourself, and knows what to do about anything that troubles you in business and help you overcome personal problems too.

Terri is a Spiritual, psychic Medium. She reaches into your soul, washes out the pain, repairs the damage, and then gives you the courage and direction to continue your journey through life. Everything Terri does is by the grace of God.

Terri will give the clarity you’ve been seeking, answering questions or issues you may be facing, unravelling those inner thoughts. She’ll give you clear insight that will bring you the happiness and peace that you’ve been looking for and deserve.

She’ll be able to not only give meaningful comfort to those who have lost loved ones to the spirit world but also invoke their own spirituality.

Many of my clients have told me after their sessions; it’s like sitting with an old best friend who knows everything about them, warts and all. To the point they have to keep telling themselves that I’ve never met them before and know nothing about them and yet it’s all so true and relevant.

My expertise is helping people through bereavement bringing the two worlds together and reuniting loved ones. Terri also has the unique ability to remote view any situation, event, person, place, object, or concept.

It is vitally important to remember your roll during a private sitting. If you are sceptical, the messages might not be quite as clear as they could be if you were more open-minded. If you are fearful, vulnerable, suffer from anxiety or angry, this low mental energy could inhibit the clarity of the message. The more at ease and trust you will be more receptive to spirit and the communication will flow that much greater.

If you are on medication or abusing drugs or alcohol or suffering from mental illness, you’re mental and emotional clarity could also affect the clarity of the sitting and in some instances it would not be recommended or advisable to have a sitting.

When a medium is working with such subtle energies it’s vitally important not to create any form of blockage or negativity, otherwise it affects the sitting conditions and the experience may be disappointing. What is always difficult to convey to my clients is that the sitter creates the type of reading they actually have, purely by their attitudes towards the sitting. A positive open minded approach always gets the greatest results.

Please note that Terri will not give private or telephone sittings to anyone under the age of 18.

Please do not bring young children as she does not have a crèche or child care facility at her sanctuary.

A sitting is a very personal and private occasion, often very emotional and this is a time where you don’t need outside distractions; it’s just time out and away from life’s daily hectic routines; a time for reflection, to be peaceful and quiet and connect with Spirit. It’s called “me time”. Terri wants you to get the best out of your experience with her spiritual guides, Simeon and Sabu.

Remember to plan ahead and make sure you are on time for your scheduled appointment. I recommend that you prepare for your sitting by taking a few minutes after you arrive or just before our phone connection by centering yourself by taking a few deeps breaths to calm yourself down or meditate for five minutes to clear your mind. Say a little prayer asking for a successful sitting and inviting your loved ones to come and speak.

Think about the purpose of your sitting and what you want to gain or achieve out of it. Because you only want the best, which you deserve.

Let me give you the guidance you’ve been looking for. I can give you a 1-2-1 sitting, either in person or over the telephone.

Remember, a positive open minded approach towards a sitting always gets the greatest results. My desire and passion is only to help.

Terri’s clinics are situated in the south of england

If you would like to have a one-to-one private reading with Terri, you can choose between her clinics near Salisbury in Wiltshire, Oxford, Southampton or in London. All you have to do is email:


Email me in advance of your booking to secure a convenient day and time of your choice. I would suggest you provide me with 2 or 3 alternative dates just in case your preferred date is unavailable. Alternatively you can text from a phone:

 +44 (0) 7880 711 668 



Please be patient with Terri as she has a very busy schedule and she will respond as soon as she is able. Always include a daytime phone number where you can be reached; a mobile number would be helpful.

Sittings generally last for approximately 45 minutes and Terri’s fee is £75. Please refer to the links Privacy Policy and also Terms & Conditions.

For one-to-one readings it is important that you arrive in good time for your scheduled appointment. Please plan ahead and arrive about 10 minutes before your appointment so that you can relax and be prepared for your reading.

Please be clear in your own mind as to what you want from the reading with Terri. Please tell Terri at the start of the reading if you have any specific concerns or requests.

A reading is a very personal and private occasion, often very emotional and is a time when you don’t need outside distractions, just time out and away from life’s daily hectic routines, a time for reflection, to be peaceful, quiet and connect with Spirit. It’s called ‘me time’. Terri wants you to get the best out of your experience with her and her spiritual guides.

Cancellations must be made by Text or email at least 24 hours in advance to avoid the full charge of your sitting.

By law, all readings are for entertainment only and by paying for or accepting a reading with Terri you agree that the messages you receive are not a substitute for advice, programmes or treatments from a licensed medical, psychological, legal or financial professional. Terri provides no guarantees or implied warranties and is not responsible for any interpretations, decisions made or actions taken by the recipients of the readings.



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