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A Typical Demonstration Of Mediumship



If you are new to witnessing a demonstration of mediumship, then I hope that this resumé will help you to understand and make your experience a memorable occasion. My job is to demonstrate that, although the physical body dies, the soul (including the personality and the memory) lives on and is capable of intelligent communication with those still living in the physical world.


I have to tell you by law that a demonstration of mediumship is to be considered as entertainment and a scientific experiment, and that attending a mediumship demonstration does not guarantee a message. Anyone who is of a nervous disposition or considers themselves vulnerable is able to leave the demonstration before it begins. Those who stay, do so of their own free will. As a recipient of the message you are personally responsible for any decisions you make.

Let me explain how the spirit world communicates with me. Firstly, spirit communicates on vibrational waves, a bit like a radio. If, say, the spirit world is on national radio and planet Earth is on your local radio station the medium needs to attune (change stations) to hear the spirit world clearly and precisely. That is how the mechanics work in simple terms to help you understand the process of what is happening. There is nothing sinister, evil, dangerous or spooky about communicating with spirit. In fact it’s just as important for your loved ones to be able to ‘pop’ back to say they’ve arrived safely, as well as being able to comfort you at times when you’re not coping so well.



I love to demonstrate my skills to audiences large or small and spirit has a way of talking through me in my public addresses to reach and help each and every member of the audience, whether I ‘m demonstrating to 50 or 1,000 people. Spirit will know those members of the audience who are most in need, giving them a greater chance of receiving a personal message. It is also those in the spirit world who choose the right medium to best communicate their personalities and the messages they wish to pass on.

One of my Guides is called Simeon and he has been my friend, mentor and saviour throughout my life. He likes me to go direct to an audience member rather than throwing it out in the audience, “can anyone take that?” He once told me that the spirit world is intelligent enough to know precisely where their loved ones are sitting. He only lets me off if I’m in such a large demonstration where I can’t see the recipient in detail.

It is most important to understand that a medium is working with subtle energies whilst demonstrating, and your involvement is extremely crucial. The time that I have during a demonstration is limited but I will always try to reach as many people as I’m permitted by spirit. If you are fortunate enough to receive a message I need you to engage with me, firstly by acknowledging the link. I need to hear your voice clearly so that I can register if you are the correct recipient for the message. It is also important for the audience to participate and take interest in the message because it is their energy that helps my link with spirit. If I’m with the wrong person or can’t place a message I’m doing the spirit world a disservice which will have a detrimental effect on the conditions for the demonstration.

If you think the message is for you or you can take what is being said with conviction, raise your hand up as my “spiritual satnav” sometimes goes a-rye! Please do not be afraid to acknowledge a loved one from spirit as people often come to me at the end of a demonstration and say “sorry I should have put my hand up, but I didn’t like to”. How frustrating for your loved ones who have tried so hard to communicate, as well as for me and for you. The moment has passed and there is nothing to recapture the time when spirit was ready to come through. Conversely, on occasions spirit can provide information that the recipient is not aware of or does recall at the time. Such information should be checked with relatives and friends later to seek confirmation. This type of confirmation helps to disprove the claim by some sceptics that mediumship is just reading the mind of the recipient.



The entire audience can affect the clarity of the spirit communication and if the audience, as a whole, is very open, accepting and light-hearted, this helps the medium, just as it would help any speaker or performer on a stage. If the audience, as a whole, is sceptical, apathetic or disinterested, this can negatively affect the medium. Spirit communication is about energy and if the energy in the room is low it makes it more difficult for the medium to raise his or her energy to connect with spirit. If the energy is high, it can assist the medium to raise his or her energy. Then we’re all onto a winner, making it a win win situation.

You can all help the medium to have an extremely clear path while on stage by sending them our love and acceptance. Say a little prayer to help the medium receive perfect clarity in their communication. Don’t sit there with your arms folded with a miserable look on your face; lighten up, relax and have fun!

Therefore the recipe for a successful demonstration is to come with an open, positive and optimistic mind. All you then need to do is to sit back and enjoy the experience!!!



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