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Personal Reading by Telephone
Book: 45 Minutes
With International Psychic Medium Terri Stromeyer

By the time you reach this page you’ll be either excited or a little nervous. What you have to ask yourself is. What do I actually want to achieve from my reading with Terri? We all have different needs and as time is precious we need to consider what type of reading you require so that Terri may best help you.



What Type of reading do I require from Terri?

Types of Reading

Mediumistic Readings

For anyone who is bereaved and who has lost someone dear or if you wish to communicate with someone who has passed over. The focus will be primarily on communication from a loved one who has passed to the world of spirit; delivering evidential messages of love, healing and guidance directly from them to prove that life is continuous. Their relationship of love and friendship remains intact as do their memories and personalities. When booking you can also send a photo of yourself or someone important to the reading, it helps make a better connection on telephone links.

Psychic Readings

This will cover all aspects of your life and the issues that concern you when a new situation arises, when a problem occurs or when you’re on the verge of something big or exciting, spiritual guidance or something troubling you and you need advice, insight and clarity. A psychic reading can provide you with a wealth of information to best help you navigate along life’s journey.

Please understand that the sitting is on a one to one basis. This means that Terri can only speak to one person during the telephone reading.

Get Prepared prior to your sitting

In order to prepare for the sitting, it is best to wait alone in a quiet and calm space ready to make your call. It may complicate your message and your reading if there are other people present in the room. Sit quietly and bring to mind all of those loved ones who have passed to Spirit, and ask them to come close to you for your reading.

How to book and how it works

Telephone readings last approximately 45 minutes and payment should be made via Paypal in advance of the reading through my website shop.


Payment is taken securely via PayPal, I do not have access to your card details and you don’t have to have a PayPal account.

To book your telephone reading please include answers to the questions below in your email to me:

  1. Full name
  2. Your email
  3. Please re-type email
  4. Your phone number
  5. Your mobile number
  6. Information about your reading
    1. Reading Type required
    2. Please give a brief description of what you are hoping to achieve from the reading as I attune to the spirit world in advance and prepare for your booking accordingly.
  7. What’s a convenient Time? Give me a few convenient dates and times and I’ll see when I can fit you in. If you are calling from overseas please check times below:
  8. Please attach a photo of yourself or a loved one who has passed.
  9. How did you hear of me?


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Please Note:

You will be calling my standard BT land line at normal international rates. International calls are comparatively inexpensive nowadays but you may want to check costs and time differences in advance of your booking.

All calls with me must be booked and paid for in advance, calls are for entertainment only and you must be over 18 and the bill payer of your phone for this service.

Once a time has been agreed, should you have a problem and need to cancel or change the time, I need at least 24 hours’ notice. If no notice is received and you fail to call no refund will be given.

All readings are deemed for entertainment purposes only. Remember that you have free will and that the future is determined by your own actions. I do not accept responsibility for actions you take as a result of your consultation. Please use your own common sense and seek professional help (such as a doctor, psychiatrist, counsellor, accountant etc..) when appropriate. Readings are not suitable for people who suffer clinical depression or who are undergoing psychiatric therapy or who are on abusive drugs. I do not work with spell casting or other forms of magic occultism.

“Remember, you are making an appointment with Spirit”



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