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Group Psychic Mediumship Readings


Would you and your friends like to have readings in the comfort of your own surroundings? Terri conducts group readings that are intimate sessions where people come together to share their experiences as Terri works with each member of the group, one by one, to link with their loved ones who have passed on as well as giving inspiring, uplifting and motivational messages for all participants.

Each reading can last 30 minutes or 45 minutes, depending on numbers and what you all want. Normally, Terri will give 6–8 people 45 minute readings in a day with a lunch break in between but each event can be tailor-made to suit. Each reading is conducted in private 1–2–1 in a separate room.

Spiritual communication can be quite emotional, but you will be amongst friends who will be supportive. No one ever needs to feel embarrassed, frightened or awkward; it is quite often a beautiful and wonderful experience. The spirit world is sensitive to your predicament and would never embarrass, humiliate or give you any reason to be fearful. The session often gives understanding, closure and immense comfort to those who are bereaved and direction to those who are lost.



A quiet harmonious room is necessary away from distraction, as with all spiritual communication it is necessary to create a calm, tranquil and peaceful vibration in order for contact from a loved one in the spirit world. The group sessions start promptly, so that each group member is encouraged to arrive at least 15 minutes early for their designated time so that they can relax and get into the zone to enjoy the experience.

Terri is able to meet with you and your group anywhere in the world at a private location to suit. A day or evening of your choice, subject to availability.

It’s not by chance or coincidence that you have chosen Terri! So, email Terri with you requirements and for further information.





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