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Oracle Television Launch

Tue 12 August 2014

Terri helps launch Oracle Television’s ‘The Spirit Show’ with live internet streaming.

Here are some highlights of the show and to find out more about Oracle TV or Terri on YouTube:

Oracle Television   YouTube


Wave 105 Interview

Wed 09 Feb 2011

Terri Appears on The Wave 105 radio show on Wednesday 9th February at 9pm

To find out more aboutTerri on YouTube:



Newspaper and Magazine

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  • Cash from beyond grave: Wed 07 Apr 1999. A professional medium who claims to pass on messages from beyond the grave (Oxford Mail, Wednesday, April 7th, 1999)
  • Medium is the message for appeal: Thu 08 Apr 1999. A professional medium will display her talents in her home town of Wantage later this month. (Wantage & Grove Herald – Thursday, April 8th, 1999)
  • A Rare Medium: Mon 09 Feb 1998. Terri Stromeyer, 36, is a very attractive, vivacious woman. (Oxford Mail)
  • Vehicle for the voices: Sat 26 Feb 2000. DIsmiss it or believe it. Either way, Fiona Tarrat finds Terri Stromeyer's spiritual gift uncannily accurate. (Oxford Mail)
  • Magazine clipping - Full of spirit - Terri Stromeyer, a modern-day psychic
  • Magazine clipping - Terri is totally at ease with her spirit friends and uses their advice to good effect
  • Magazine clipping - Hauntings and happenings
  • Magazine clipping - I sensed that my boyfriend was cheating. As we made love I actually became his other woman for a few moments...
  • Magazine clipping - I couldn't deny my destiny
  • Magazine clipping - I wept night after night for my dear grandfather
  • Magazine clipping - Mum drove my poor Dad to his grave and I’m afraid she wants to wreck my life too
  • Magazine clipping - My head says it's over, but my heart can’t give up on lover who lives with somebody else
  • Magazine clipping - Tell Terri
  • Magazine clipping - When Nichola died I lost all my faith
  • Magazine clipping - Will I get married next Year?
  • Magazine clipping - If you’re going under a bus...
  • Magazine clipping - Clairvoyant Terry Stromeyer 32
  • Magazine clipping - I Tell people the truth, say Psycic Nella, Flatly, Whatever that truth might be



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