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What advice would you give to fledgling mediums?;

Understand your sensitivity and protect it as you develop and unfold. Remember, it’s not a competition; you’re unique and will be used in the areas that suit your character, life’s experiences and personality. We can’t all be the same. Knowledge is power, so continue to understand and develop self as you grow. Explore the Eastern philosophies as meditation is food for the soul. Work from the heart, with integrity and compassion. Aspire to be the greatest you can be in service and to achieve your best by being well balanced with inner peace and humility. It’s an ever ongoing process of learning and when you have mastered the above, then you’ve cracked it!!!!

Is mediumship met with much scepticism?

The Spiritualist movement in general does suffer from scepticism. Men of science, the media and some other religions try and throw doubt on our abilities to talk to and communicate with Spirit. There are of course a lot of charlatans in our movement and they do not help our cause and we are also restricted by legislation as to what we can and cannot say, to the point that our religion is deemed to be nothing more than entertainment. This has to be wrong and I will continue to spread the truth and, in time, hope that I can get to a wider audience to demonstrate the existence of Spirit and our ability to communicate with Spirit. The media and, in particular, mainstream television, gives a disproportionate amount of air time to the likes of Darren Brown who use trickery to try and malign our abilities to communicate with Spirit. In essence, we are not given the freedom of speech that other organisations and individuals have.

Who can benefit from a consultation with a medium?

Naturally, anyone who is bereaved and who has lost someone dear, who needs comfort or reassurance of the knowledge that there is life after death, and also that their loved one is ok after passing, especially if there is an illness which has been very debilitating, or for those people who have left us through suicide.

Often, a death can promote feelings of guilt in the people left behind and I know that the Spirit World welcome the opportunity to speak with those to reassure them that there is nothing to feel guilty about. The Spirit World also needs to know that the loved ones that they care about do not get stuck in their grief and they are keen to help and support the ones in the living world to move on.

People needing emotional guidance and support can benefit from a consultation, especially those who perhaps have nowhere else to turn.

I believe anyone, even the most sceptical person, can benefit from a consultation with a medium, even though they may not appreciate it at the time!

However, I would never recommend anyone to go for a consultation if they really don’t want to go. Anyone who really doesn’t want to be there probably shouldn’t be! (perhaps for ‘religious’ reasons).

What happens to those who commit suicide?

When people take their own lives, for whatever reason, I believe that they are nurtured and surrounded by their loved ones and healed by angelic beings. The only way to describe it in material terms is that it’s ‘our equivalent to convalescing’. They’re healed in God’s loving arms and in a place of rest where they are finally at peace. It takes a while to adjust and to come to terms with their new surroundings.

Death is only chosen perhaps because suffering had become so acute. They may have had many painful experiences throughout their lives, suffered from a mental illness or found themselves in a state of desperation. The feelings of helplessness and hopelessness can be overwhelming, losing all hope with no way out of a particular situation, putting themselves under great pressure of one kind or another, left feeling broken and not being able face the shame of failure. Abuse, business failure, relationship breakdown and bullying can all be reasons for bringing these feelings of despair to those contemplating suicide. They become detached from rational thinking, full of fear, pain and hopelessness.

I firmly believe that God would never condemn a troubled soul who clearly didn’t really know what he was doing.

For the ones who are left behind, the sense of loss is profound and you may feel that you’ll never recover or have the need of contact for closure. Often it’s equally important for the one who took his own life to contact and communicate his regret in causing so much pain to the ones left behind and affected. Remember, who are we to judge someone else’s pathway and life’s experiences?





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