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October 2017 – Terri Stromeyer


Pets Are A Precious Gift From God

Having returned home from my fateful, but I have to say, most enjoyable skiing holiday, my prime concern was to get the operation for my knee reconstruction out of the way. The operation was scheduled for Tuesday 3rd of May which just happened to be my dog’s 5th birthday.

Looking forward to the two Bank holidays and especially the Royal wedding was something that kept me going; something positive to celebrate with close friends; a nation rejoicing in the union of love and sanctity of marriage. Whilst I was not feeling my best, I agreed to organise a luncheon party … Read the rest

Spirit And The Slippery Slopes

In March I went skiing for the very first time! My partner, Barry, who is a good skier, has been saying to me for years that I should try it but it never appealed to me because I feel the cold so easily. However, Barry ganged up with our very good friends and neighbours, Heather & Peter, and convinced me that it wouldn’t be cold and it would be great fun.

Heather & Peter adore France and have a house in the Burgundy region. They talk so passionately about the country and especially about the food and wine. They are … Read the rest



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