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"I strongly recommend Terri, there is no–one better and you will not regret a sitting with her"   Alan Musgrave-Scott, Sqn Ldr RAF





Terri Stromeyer is a psychic medium with a big personality and a special talent. She is a natural performer and thrives on large audiences. Terri works internationally on television, radio, live audiences and one-to-one readings. Her clientele spans from everyday people to celebrities and city high–flyers and has given immense help and comfort through articles and columns in the Sunday Mirror, Bella and Fate magazines, Woman's Journal, Living TV and Psychic Today.




She believes in the power of Spirit; it works for her, so why not let Terri make it work for you. She believes we all have the power and the Spirit is within us. Terri is here to share it with you.

Terri's amazing gift extends to psychic mediumship and clairvoyance but she has a particular love of helping people through bereavement and she has devoted her life to proving that there is life after physical death. Bringing through the thoughts, memories and conversations of those who have passed over onto the other side not only gives great comfort to those receiving the messages but can also inspire them into moving forward in their own lives in the physical world.

Terri became aware of her psychic abilities at the tender age of seven. She knew she was different to other children but it was not until her late teens that she decided to harness this raw natural talent. The story of her background in mediumship has inspired others to develop their own skills and her passion continues to bring mediumship to a much wider audience removing the myths, misunderstandings and prejudices from a gift that is truly available to all.

Terri looks at herself as an ambassador sent to promote and to prove survival of the Spirit after physical death and, by demonstrating her skills to a wider audience she is able to not only give meaningful comfort to those who have lost loved ones to the spirit world but also invoke their own spirituality.

Let Terri help you, whether you want to receive a message from or have contact with someone who has passed over or you want guidance in your work or personal life, she can give you that help or guidance.



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